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Change Log

v1.1.6 - submitted Sep 21, 2023

  • Fixed: Changes on event parameters are not being saved in the scene
  • Fixed: Bake Animations For All not always saving the clip changes

v1.1.5 - submitted May 10, 2023

  • Fixed: Instanced meshes does not use the second UV data from the original mesh
  • Fixed: Optional renderers not working when the scene with the manager is loaded multiple times
  • Fixed: Root motion is not working when looping is disabled

v1.1.4 - submitted Nov 02, 2022

  • New: Added a new demo scene showcasing using Jobs for managing animation states
  • New: Added a new demo scene showcasing bone attachments
  • Fixed: Animation events not firing when the event is at the last frame of a non-looping animation
  • Fixed: Files with .compute extension without kernel causing "Assertion failed" error messages during build

v1.1.3 - submitted Jun 21, 2022

  • Changed: Is Looping clip setting will keep its value when re-baking
  • Changed: Added warning for SkinnedMeshRenderer components at the parent GO of the prefab
  • Fixed: Enable/DisableInstancingForInstance not updating crowd instances
  • Fixed: InvalidOperationException when using optional renderers with runtime generated prototypes
  • Fixed: Animation clips that are removed from the animator are still kept in the clipList
  • Fixed: Exposed Transforms are not always serialized in recent Unity versions
  • Fixed: Animation event error when there are no instances in the scene at the start

v1.1.2 - submitted Mar 11, 2022

  • New: Animation Baking will not wait for editor update by default to speed up baking time (this behaviour can be changed from Preferences)
  • Changed: Added an Error shader to visualize shader issues
  • Fixed: GPUI Crowd ASE Setup node throws errors on HDRP and URP
  • Fixed: Synchronous Bone Updates latency caused by missing interpolation between frames
  • Fixed: Error when destroying instance in Animation Event
  • Fixed: URP Lit replacement shader not using Metallic value correctly
  • Fixed: UI error when clip reference is lost

v1.1.1 - submitted Nov 13, 2021

  • Changed: When an unsupported shader is used, a button that links to shader setup documentation will show on the prototype editor
  • Fixed: IL2CPP "Object contains non-primitive or non-blittable data." error
  • Fixed: GPUI Crowd ASE Setup node is not recognised as a supported shader setup

v1.1.0 - submitted Nov 08, 2021

  • New: Support for Mobile platforms
  • Changed: Test Animations feature now works with original shader as long as the shader has the "#pragma shader_feature_vertex GPUI_CA_TEXTURE" defined
  • Changed: ASE shader setup no longer requires include and pragma definitions on the shader file (they are loaded from the function node)
  • Fixed: While applying multiple events at a single frame, wrong clip count is used when the first event changes the active clip count

v1.0.2 - submitted Sep 13, 2021

  • New: Added Cancel button to animation baking progress bar
  • Changed: Synchronous and asynchronous bone updates now checks for instace counts to not to make unnecessary transform modification
  • Fixed: Animation event null reference exception on builds when clip reference is lost
  • Fixed: When increasing buffer size, asynchronous bone updates throws error
  • Fixed: Optional renderers does not update indexes and matrices when adding/removing instances

v1.0.1 - submitted Jun 28, 2021

  • New: Added Setup function for Amplify Shader Editor
  • New: Added a unity package to Extras with version of Standard shader that support texture variations
  • Changed: Added warning when no bone is selected while Bone Updates is enabled
  • Fixed: Unnecessary reference to prototype prefabObject while re-initializing
  • Fixed: Changes to "Is Looping" option is not being serialized
  • Fixed: Synchronous bone updates not taking "Is Looping" option into consideration

v1.0.0 - submitted Jun 03, 2021

  • New: Added latency limit to Async Bone Updates
  • New: Added Synchronous Bone Update system
  • New: Added Package Importer system which automatically imports required GPUI packages depending on the UPM packages and script defines
  • Changed: Crowd Animator transition performance improvements
  • Changed: Crowd Animator Root Motion now runs in Jobs
  • Changed: Reduced Crowd Animator buffers' SetData calls to improve performance
  • Changed: Async Bone Updates reads much less data from GPU and works faster
  • Changed: Reduced overall null checks and cached various variables for better performance
  • Changed: Renamed NUM_THREADS to GPUI_THREADS because it was causing compile errors on PSSL
  • Changed: Crowd Manager will now inform user when prototypes needs to be re-baked with the new version
  • Changed: Reimplemented Optional Renderers feature to use single animation data and only separate instance data
  • Fixed: GPUICrowdManagerEditor incorrect animationBaker null check
  • Fixed: Crowd Animator transition not being finished
  • Fixed: When re-backing prototypes bones, optional renderers and root motion selections resets to default
  • Fixed: Optinal renderers not working correctly with transitions
  • Fixed: Bounds size offset is not applied for Crowd prototypes
  • Fixed: Test Animations feature with prefabs that have LOD groups creates skinnedmeshes of all the LOD renderers on top of each other
  • Fixed: Bone calculations in compute shader does not calculate fractions for current frame

v0.9.7 - submitted Jan 01, 2021

  • New: Added demo override packages that support HDRP 10 and URP 10
  • Changed: HDRP 10 and URP 10 Crowd Animations shaders are remade with ShaderGraph 10

v0.9.6 - submitted Oct 12, 2020

  • New: Added Crowd Animations Setup Nodes for Shader Graph
  • New: Added bone filter to async bone updates for better performance
  • New: Added ChangeMaterial API method
  • New: Added GetDeltaPosition API method
  • Fixed: Root motion matrix calculation causing scaling

v0.9.5 - submitted Jul 31, 2020

  • New: Added Async Bone Updates feature for Crowd Animator workflow
  • New: Added Assembly Definition files
  • New: Added Depth Normals shader to be able to use post processing effects like Ambient Occlusion in Forward Rendering mode
  • Fixed: Transitions not reaching to the end weights in some cases

v0.9.4 - submitted Mar 25, 2020

  • New: Added HDRP and URP versions of Demo scenes
  • New: Added support for HDRP 7 Lit shader
  • New: Added animations test shader for HDRP 7
  • New: Added "Optional Renderers" feature to be able to disable/enable child Skinned Mesh Renderers per instance at runtime
  • New: Added demo scene showing use of enabling/disabling skinned mesh renderers during runtime
  • New: Added option to bake animation clip lists for prefabs without an Animator component
  • New: Added Animation Data ScriptableObject to store the baked animation data which allows to use the same baked data for multiple prototypes
  • New: Added Bake All/Missing buttons
  • New: Added option to delete baked data while deleting a prototype
  • New: Added multi-select feature to Frame Rate slider
  • Changed: Updated support for URP 7 Lit shader and Animations Test shader (re-export package needed)

v0.9.3 - submitted Dec 06, 2019

  • New: Added support for URP 7 Lit shader
  • New: Added animations test shader for URP 7
  • Changed: Crowd Manager now uses the GPUI shaders if original material uses URP Lit.

v0.9.2 - submitted Dec 01, 2019

  • New: Added support for HDRP 6 Lit shader
  • New: Added animations test shader for HDRP 6
  • New: Added support for LWRP 6 Lit shader
  • New: Added animations test shader for LWRP 6
  • Changed: Crowd Manager now uses the GPUI shaders if original material uses LWRP Lit or HDRP Lit.
  • Fixed: Auto. Add/Remove functionality errors when there is insufficient buffer size

v0.9.1 - submitted Oct 29, 2019

  • New: Option to disable loop for animation clips while using Crowd Animator workflow
  • New: Custom editor to define animation events from the Crowd Manager
  • New: Added optional float, int and string parameters to animation event system
  • Fixed: Insufficient animation data buffer size when adding new instances at runtime
  • Fixed: Mesh vertex color data being lost
  • Fixed: Animation events for the first frame not repeating when in loop

v0.9.0 - submitted Sep 24, 2019

  • New: Added Animation Event system for Crowd Animator workflow
  • New: Added a demo scene showcasing animation events
  • New: Added two new scenes that show the usage of material variation for crowd instances
  • Fixed: Animations getting stuck after setting speed to 0 once
  • Fixed: Active clip count calculation error on animation blending
  • Fixed: Wrong animation time calculation while exiting animation blending with transition
  • Fixed: CPU - GPU frame index synchronization issues when an animation runs for a long time
  • Fixed: Adding/removing causing other instances to switch to incorrect animation clip/frame

v0.8.5 - submitted Sep 02, 2019

  • Fixed: Animator error with multiple prototypes
  • Fixed: Default Clip option not showing all the clips when there are multiple clips with the same name

v0.8.4 - submitted Jul 30, 2019

  • Changed: Baked texture includes 1 more additional frame to include both first and last frames (requires re-bake)
  • Fixed: Animation - root motion syncronization problem
  • Fixed: Speed change causing syncornization problem when blending animations

v0.8.3 - submitted Jul 24, 2019

  • Changed: C# and HLSL code refactoring for better multi-platform support
  • Fixed: Incorrect mesh information on macOS
  • Fixed: Incorrect skinning when instance is removed with Auto Add/Remove feature
  • Fixed: Test animations are not visible

v0.8.2 - submitted Jul 08, 2019

  • New: Added Get/Set AnimationTime API methods
  • New: Added transition functionality for the Crowd Animator API methods
  • New: Added time parameter for animation blending
  • Fixed: Error when the child skinned mesh renderer is disabled on the original prefab
  • Fixed: Compatibility issues for PSSL
  • Fixed: Compatibility issues for Metal
  • Fixed: Shadows not rendering with Standard shaders when LOD Cross Fade enabled
  • Fixed: Flickering between animation frames
  • Fixed: Root motion not calculating animation speed
  • Fixed: Root motion not calculating instance scale

v0.8.1 - submitted Jun 11, 2019

  • Changed: Added comments to demo scene scripts
  • Fixed: Multiple skinned mesh renderers with different bind pose values for the same bones causing incorrect skinning
  • Fixed: Test Animations button causing errors when there are scripts with dependencies on the prefab

v0.8.0 - submitted Jun 4, 2019

  • Initial release