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Change Log

v0.9.1 - Released 12/10/2018

  • New: Added support for the High Definition Render Pipeline (HDRP)
  • New: Added support for the Lightweight Render Pipeline (LWRP)
  • New: Automatic shader conversion now also works for SRP shaders
  • New: Added option to use custom Health/Dry noise texture for each detail prototype
  • Changed: Further optimized Detail Manager memory usage for Android
  • Fixed: Automatic shader conversion now creates shaders in an internal folder if the original shader is in "Packages" (Package Manager)
  • Fixed: Error on shader conversion for ShaderGraphs
  • Fixed: GPUIStandardInclude.cginc errors on some Unity 2017 versions

v0.9.0 - Released 05/10/2018

  • New: Tree Manager for Unity terrain trees
  • New: Speed Tree support with wind animations
  • New: Automatic Billboard generation system (designed and tested for Unity terrain trees)
  • New: Gaia integration
  • New: "Auto. Add/Remove Instances" option for Prefab Prototypes
  • New: "Auto. Update Transform Data" option for Prefab Prototypes
  • New: API Methods to Add-Remove-Update prefab instances without instantiating GameObjects (Demo scene included)
  • New: API Method to offset transform positions of all instances
  • New: Shadow rendering performance improvements and LOD settings
  • New: LOD cross-fade support (with animation or fade transition width)
  • New: LOD bias adjustments
  • New: Prefab Scene Importer Tool
  • New: Custom vertex color wind animation support for Soft Occlusion Tree shaders
  • New: Limited support for Tree Creator trees
  • New: Added mobile version of the Prefab Instancing Demo scene with mobile controllers
  • Changed: Prefab instances in the scene can now also be added to the Prefab Manager to create prototypes
  • Changed: Furter optimized update functions to reduce overhead on loops
  • Changed: Mesh Renderer "Cast Shadow" option is taken into consideration when rendering shadows
  • Changed: Various editor improvements for ease of use
  • Fixed: Vulkan API detail rendering compute shader error and UAV count warning
  • Fixed: Vulkan API Foliage shader blinking issue
  • Fixed: Vulkan API not rendering prefabs with more than 3 LOD levels
  • Fixed: Added Standard shader vairants (Cutout, Transparent, Fade) for instanced shader features not compiling in builds
  • Fixed: Missing AddRemoveInstancesDemo scene prefab references

v0.8.3 - Released 07/08/2018

  • New: Added Detail Density for Detail Manager
  • Fixed: SetCamera now does not add the Occlusion Culling buffer to the camera if Occlusion Culling is turned off in the manager
  • Fixed: Grass initialization kernel position 0,0 random position and rotation generation problem
  • Fixed: Prototype list null check on initialization and registered prefabs count check on register

v0.8.2 - Released 18/07/2018

  • Fixed: Multiple fixes and improvements for OpenGL ES 3.1 and Vulkan API on Android target platforms
  • Fixed: Auto custom shader conversion DateTime error when updating project

v0.8.1 - Released 03/07/2018

  • New: GPU Occlusion Culling (for non-VR platforms)
  • New: Map Magic integration
  • New: Max LOD levels increased to 8
  • New: Detail initialization is now faster
  • New: Detail spatial partitioning memory and performance optimizations
  • New: Auto-converted versions of custom shaders are now automatically updated when the originals are modified
  • New: Option to use original shaders for shadow casters on prototypes that fall outside the view frustum
  • New: Layers are now taken into consideration with instancing
  • New: Warning messages in manager editor windows
  • New: Terrain is now set automatically if Detail Manager is added on the terrain GameObject
  • New: Additional API methods added to manage registered prefabs
  • New: Out of bounds check for prefab API methods
  • New: Added scripting define symbol: GPU_INSTANCER
  • Changed: Detail simulation improvements, works with frustum culling
  • Changed: Max detail viewing distance increased to 2500
  • Changed: LOD calculations now better reflects Unity LOD Group settings
  • Changed: Custom editor properties are reordered and grouped
  • Changed: Terrain Proxy will not be added if the manager is already added to terrain
  • Changed: Removed terrainData reference on TerrainSettings for terrains that are generated from scripts
  • Changed: PrefabInstancingDemoScene now has its own shader for the Asteroid Haze, which is also instanced as a prefab prototype
  • Fixed: Prefab Manager Custom Editor null reference exception when manager is disabled at runtime
  • Fixed: TerrainProxy DestroyImmediate multiple times error when detail manager is added under the terrain GameObject
  • Fixed: Built-in shader can not be instanced warning loop. Now shows error in custom editor when instanced shader was not able to be created, and throws a warning in play mode
  • Fixed: Multiple fixes for some iOS, tvOS and macOSX platforms using the Metal API
  • Fixed: Multiple fixes and improvements for Vulkan API on android target platforms

v0.8.0 - Released 19/05/2018

  • Initial release